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Updating LIBSW Files on SPLAT

The LIBSW files are the files that are used by Check Point Security Management Server to compile the settings and policy for UTM-1 Edge device, which is managed by Check Point Management Server.

The LIBSW files hold the definitions for the Implied rules and general functions needed for the UTM-1 Edge Firewall to accept, drop, log and encrypt connections.

These files are constantly updated with new protections, support for new protocols, optimized for better performance, etc.

It is highly recommended, and sometimes necessary to upgrade these LIBSW to the latest available version.

The LIBSW files are always backward compatible, meaning the files of higher version can be safely used to compile settings and policy for Edge devices with firmware of lower version, e.g., LIBSW v8.2.30 files will work properly with firmware v7.0.5.

  1. Download the latest libsw files here
  2. 10-12-2014 09-37-12
  3. Locate the Edge Compatibility folder.
    1. On SPLAT [Expert@host]#  $CPDIR/bin/cpprod_util CPPROD_GetProdDir EdgeCmp
  4. Go to the location of the Edge Compatibility folder.
    1. On SPLAT [Expert@host]#cd /opt/CPEdgecmp-RXX
      1. (Where Rxx is the version number)
  5. Check the version of the libsw files.
    1. On SPLAT [Expert@host]#cat /opt/CPEdgecmp-RXX/libsw/version.txt
      1. The first entry u see gives the built version.
  6. Backup the current version
    1. On SPAT [Expert@host]#mv /opt/CPEdgecmp-RXX/libsw /opt/CPEdgecmp-RXX/libsw_bkp<date>
  7. Copy the new files to
    1. [Expert@host]# mv   /PATH/libsw8.2.64.tar   /opt/CPEdgecmp-RXX/
  8. Unpack the archive
    1. [Expert@host]# tar xvf   /opt/CPEdgecmp-RXX/libsw8.2.64.tar
  9. Rename the folder
    1. [Expert@host]# mv   /opt/CPEdgecmp-RXX/libsw8.2.64   /opt/CPEdgecmp-RXX/libsw
  10. If the management server is installed on SPLAT, run dos2unix
    1. [Expert@host]# dos2unix   /opt/CPEdgecmp-RXX/libsw/*
  11. Install the security policy on the Edge and verify.

Note: policy installation will fail if there was any problem with the LIBSW files










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